Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hull Fair 2014!

Hello Hello! Hull Fair IS back and as usual, BruHull went as a group and had a blast at the fair. The weather was fairly cold but not cold enough to stop us from getting on the rides! "BruHull takes on Hull Fair" was held on Friday, 17th October 2014.

[Thank you Michelle Chen for the incredible pictures taken]

Thank you for joining us everyone. Wassalam :) 

Welcome Dinner 2014


BruHull Society had their first official event to welcome the new freshers on Saturday, 11th October 2014, It was held at Ruby Spice, an indian restaurant located in Beverly Road. We decided to do a different icebreaking approach than usual and opted to hold it as a welcoming dinner for everyone. 

The event started off at 8.15PM, We had around 25 Bruneians and a few Malaysians joining us for dinner. The restaurant was filled with laughter and good ambience all around. [ even the waiter joined in the fun at one point!] 

The event commence on with a speech from the BruHull president, Nurur Puasa, which includes introducing the committee members and announcing the upcoming events to everyone. Nurur then continue on to introduce the freshers to the rest of the society. 

 Pretty Girls! introducing our Religious officer and President of 2014/2015

Former President , Job Ong, alongside sisters Sarah & Nadiah Ainsworth.

Big Smiles all around :D

The next three photos will show some of our first year undergraduate members standing up and introducing themselves to the world  society. 

[ we have all been in their shoes, awaiting our turn , preparing what to say and then stumbling on the words and finally feeling at ease when its finally over and done with! don't worry freshers, you'll get to do that to the next year batch. Tradition is important! hehe ]

Incomplete and rather unclear photo of the BruHull Society but still always worth the post :-

Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to this year funds, for those who have not, please don't forget to approach our finance officer/treasurer, Ikhwan Mahadi and make payment. 

Next Post? BruHull takes on Hull Fair 2014!


Aidil Adha Celebration 1435Hijrah

On the 6th October 2014 [ 12 Zulhijjah 1435 according to the islamic calendar] , BruHull hosted its very first event of the academic year.

The event was hold at cottingham road and it started off with Magrib' Jemaah prayer , led by former religious officer 2013/2014 Afif. It continued with Takbir Hari Raya Haji followed by Isya' Jemaah Prayer. We also had the great pleasure of several malaysians joining us on this joyous occasion.

Food was brought by different members of the society and this was greatly enjoyed by everyone after prayers.

Thank you everyone for coming. Eid Mubarak!



Committee 2014/2015

Assalamualaikum Everyone,

BruHull would like to apologize for the lack of updates on our website. It is nearly the end of october and for the past one month and a half, we have all been busy with the start of the new university year. We have hold a few events since then ( which would be posted in seperate posts afterwards) to commence the new academic year by welcoming our freshers as well as several islamic events. Our weekly sports activity have also begun and allhamdulilah we have had an amazing turn out for the past two weeks.

First and foremost, due to unforeseen circumstances, our current president Faiz Hamid will not be returning to Hull University. As a committee, we have met up and decided that it would only be right for our vice-president, Nururr Puasa to lead the society this year. Her position have been replaced by Siti Suhaimei, whom would also still be holding on to the Social Welfare Officer until further notice. We are currently still looking for a replacement religious officer, this would be announce in due course.

Here is the updated list of committee members & their positions:

President : Nururrifhan Haji-Puasa
Vice-President: Siti Suhaimei
General Secretary : Sarah Ainsworth
Treasurer/Finance Officer: Ikhwan Mahadi
Sports Secretary : Ashley Khoo
Male Religious Officer : Currently Vacant
Female Religious Officer: Siti Haziqah Bazilah

As a committee we hope that relevant societies and our very own members would continue to support us. We have exciting plans ahead and we hope you all would participate and enjoy the experience.

Waalaikumsalam & Kind Regards,
BruHull Society